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Ch. 1 – Relationships


HALEY: Nathan!


Nathan turns his head slightly to hear what his best friend/roommate was yelling about.


HALEY: Have you seen my shirt?


NATHAN: I don’t know.  Did you look on your floor where all your other shirts are?


HALEY: Very funny, jackass!


Nathan shakes his head and mutters to himself while fanning out a pair of jeans.  That’s right, Nathan Scott was doing laundry.


NATHAN: I thought so.


He hears Haley coming out into the hall and into their living room.  At the same time, Nathan grabs a piece of garment and turns his head to see Haley only in her bra putting her shirt over her head.  He looks down to see the piece of clothing he grabbed and smirks, holding it up for Haley to see.


NATHAN: Oh la la.  Did you get a discount?


Haley sees what he’s talking about and quickly grabs the garment, earning a laugh from Nathan.


HALEY: Gimme that, you perv!


NATHAN: What!  You shouldn’t have had it out for laundry.


HALEY: What are you doing home during the afternoon, anyways?  Don’t you have basketball practice?


Nathan momentarily stops the laundry and leans back against the couch to address Haley.  He sees that she’s moved to the kitchen and sits on one of stools and looks at him quizzically.  He crosses his arms in response.


NATHAN: Coach isn’t feeling well.  Practice was cancelled.


HALEY: So?  Why can’t the assistant coaches do it?


NATHAN: ‘Cause all they know is plays.


HALEY: Isn’t that the point of practice?  To practice the plays?


NATHAN: Don’t mock me.  There’s a difference.  Only Coach can run practice.  And his sickness is my gain since I get to be home and annoy you.


HALEY: Mm, too bad I’m off to work.  Have fun with laundry.  And how did Coach get sick.


Nathan can hardly hold in his grin, which only intrigues Haley more.


NATHAN: You’re never gonna believe it.  Mono.




NATHAN: I know, right.  But it’s a good thing he’s not breathing on us.  So I get to spend the day looking at your racy choices in clothing.


HALEY: Keep your dirty hands off my clothes, Nathan.  Anyways, I’m gone.


Haley gets off the stool and goes over to Nathan to give him a peck.  Nathan obliges and stands straight as Haley sways down their hallway to the door.


NATHAN: Want me to pick you up?


Haley turns her head around as she’s walking.  A signature move on Haley’s part since it took her years to learn not to walk into a wall while doing that.


HALEY: Yeah.  Doing the usual?


Nathan shakes his head and pointedly lowers his eyes to Haley’s ass.


NATHAN: You have a serious ass, Haley James.


Nathan smirks when he hears Haley’s comeback.  He always loved to mess with her.


HALEY: Bye, jackass!


Nathan hears the door slam and laughs to himself.  He always enjoyed their daily little banter.  After a few seconds, Nathan decides he should go back to his task, but with a little encouragement.  He walks the few feet to the stereo and turns it on, the music blaring the most recent song, “Lookin’ Boy”.  Nathan’s grateful for the hip-hop song, considering him and Haley have different taste.  Nathan was more rap and hip-hop and Haley was more rock and folk.  So as a compromise, they set the local radio station to a hot mix station, satisfying both their tastes.


Nathan continued with the laundry, adopting a very mundane routine: grab piece of clothing, fan it out, and then fold.  Nathan really hated laundry but he felt he should give Haley a break since she did go through a heart-breaking break-up last night.  Well, heart-breaking for the dude, not her.  The loud music was Nathan’s only motivation to get the task done.  He was so focused on the blaring music and getting the laundry done, Nathan at first could’ve sworn he heard knocking.  Nathan momentarily stopped what he was doing, and then shook his head thinking he was hallucinating since the song on had a beat that sounded like knocking.  Nathan continued the task but then heard roaring at the front door.


Nathan mentally cursed himself, thinking he pissed off the neighbors and they called the super.  The super wasn’t really a nice guy and he kept leering at Haley and hitting on her.  They both agreed not to cause attention to themselves in fear they got the visit from Creepy McCreep.


Nathan turned down the volume of the stereo and trotted towards the door and on his way; noticed Haley dropped her panties on the floor when he was teasing her about it.  He grabbed the garment and moved towards the door, telling the person on the other side to hold on a sec.  Nathan opened the door in a slight huff and raised his eyebrows.  It wasn’t the super.


To say Nathan was shocked wouldn’t really describe it.  Let’s just say Nathan was more surprised.  On the other side of the door was John, the guy Haley dumped the night before. He was a scrawny guy and truth be told, Nathan didn’t see what Haley saw in him.  She claimed his green eyes were expressive and that’s what attracted her.  But what Nathan saw was a scrawny kid who could never keep up with his Haley.  His height didn’t do him justice, and Nathan had at least five inches on him at 6’2 and at least Nathan was built.  John looked like he couldn’t even snap a toothpick in half.


Neither one of them said anything knowing they sensed the awkward in the air.  Nathan saw John’s eye drift towards his hands, and Nathan knew he was clutching Haley’s panties in his left hand.  Nathan had a choice: be ashamed and fumble with the garment to hide or not be bashful and subconsciously rub it in John’s face.


Nathan was anything but bashful.


Nathan plants a semi-smirk on his face and brings up Haley’s panties to his chest and casually leans against the doorframe.  He puts on his “cheerful” voice.


NATHAN: John.  What can I do for you?


JOHN: Uh... n-nothing.  I-I was just... here to see Haley.  Is she in?


NATHAN: Sorry, John.  She’s at work.




Nathan could pick up on his disappointed tone and knew whatever confidence John had when he knocked on the door, it was disappearing fast.  Apparently John never banked on Nathan being home.


NATHAN: I could tell her you stopped by.


JOHN: N-no, that’s okay.  Forget I came by.


Call it a guilty conscience, but Nathan felt sorry for the dude.  He obviously got his heart broken and knew there was no contest between him and Nathan if John ever wanted a chance with Haley.  Granted, they were never “together”, but John didn’t know that.  Nathan felt he could at least play the sympathy card on the dude.  Get some of his confidence up.


NATHAN: Hey, John.  For what its worth, Haley never meant to hurt you.  What happened between us, well, it just happened.


JOHN: Nah, its cool, man.  I knew you guys were always close, I just didn’t know how close, apparently.


NATHAN: If you’re implying Haley’s a slut, she’s not.  It just happened, dude.  I’m sorry you got hurt, but at least she was honest.  You don’t get that a lot around here.


JOHN: Yeah.  S-so if it just happened, does that mean...?


Nathan had another choice.  Encourage John that he may have a slight chance to get back with Haley, or lie and say that they are together.


There was a reason why Haley broke up with him, so he had to stand beside his best friend.  It was just cruel, even for Nathan, to give the dude false hope.  So he lied.


NATHAN: Yeah, we are.


Nathan watches John nod and walk off, but not before hearing him utter jackass under his breath.  Nathan could’ve easily let it go, or intimidate the hell out of John and throw him up against the wall.  Nathan chose the former and thought Haley would be proud.  He closed the door and walked back into the living room to finish the laundry.


Nathan never really liked John.  Simply put, he thought he was a loser and wouldn’t last long for Haley.  But he did have some newfound respect for the guy.  He had balls to try and get back together the day after.  He didn’t own John anything, so he was definitely gonna tell Haley what happened, despite John’s request that he wouldn’t.  Guy called him a jackass.


After the awkward visit, Nathan didn’t have the heart to turn on the radio so he left himself with the laundry and his thoughts.  He found Haley’s mishaps of dating hilarious.  Haley would settle for these losers, grow tired of them, and instead of using the truth for the break-up, she would lie and say she slept with Nathan.  Granted, they never slept to together, but ninety percent of Nathan found it hilarious that he was used as an excuse. And what was more hilarious was that instead of being a man and fight Nathan for the girl of their dreams, they would just whimper with their tail in between their legs and scamper off.  And what was funnier to Nathan was that Haley always complained that she can’t figure out the problem.


Uh, Nathan can.  Date MEN not boys.  However, Nathan always kept that thought to him.  If Nathan ever thought of telling Haley that during her distress, she would kick his ass.  A lot of these guys fall hard for Haley, and Nathan can see why.  Not only is she beautiful, but her personality is kick-ass.  She’s loyal, and her sarcastic sense of humor is what hooks these guys in.  And man is she smart.  Not just book smart, but street-smart also.  Nathan had a sneaky suspicion that Haley plays off the male’s psyche when she’s about to break up with a guy.  It’s natural for a guy to feel jealous, especially when it comes to their “women”.  But with these scrawny dudes that Haley picks, if they ever thought about fighting Nathan, they would get pummel.  Who wants to mess with the star basketball player of the UCLA’s coveted Bruins?  And to support Nathan’s theory, Haley always made a point to introduce Nathan early on in the relationships.  From there, Nathan is simply known as the best friend/roommate.  But during a break-up, Nathan is known as the jackass who stole their dream girl.  Nathan could really care less.


However, ten percent of Nathan truly felt sorry for Haley.  He knew Haley was settling for less and it broke Nathan’s heart to see her never happy.  Nathan had a suspicion that she does it on purpose, so she’ll always be the one to break their hearts and not the other way around.  Nathan can’t really blame Haley though.  She got burned badly in high school with her first real boyfriend when she was sixteen.  The guy was a total asshole.  He cheated on Haley and had the nerve to put his hands on Haley when she confronted him about it.


Nathan saw the whole thing go down and the moment the ass tried to lay his hands on her, he went berserk.  Nathan gave the guy a beating from hell and didn’t stop until there was literally an inch of life left in him.  It took eight guys to get Nathan off the guy and the guy was sent to the hospital with internal bleeding, a broken nose, a shattered cheekbone, and broken ribs.  It was the most violent, brutal beating in Tree Hill High history.  Nathan was on the verge of expulsion and forever banned from the basketball team and was possibly facing jail time.  However, Haley stepped in and explained what happened and Nathan got what was a considered a “slap on the wrist.”  Nathan was suspended from school for two weeks and suspended for five games.  Ever since then, Haley knew she could always trust Nathan and that he was always protect her.


Since that day, Haley changed.  She started dating guys that were less than her. Nathan hated she was settling for less and try as she might, Haley always denied it.  If Nathan could see it, he knows Haley can feel it but she won’t admit it.  Nathan knows she can feel it deep down inside, but denial was Haley’s friend.  And if Nathan wanted to be jealous, he figured Haley dated less so Nathan can control his anger.  These scrawny dudes wouldn’t stand a chance against Nathan and wouldn’t even try.  Nathan made a point early on in Haley’s relationships that if they ever hurt her, he would kill them.  Every single one of them took his word for it.


It’s pretty funny how Haley is too nice to give the real reason for the break-ups.  Half the time, Haley gets bored and they’re not satisfying her need for excitement.  But since she doesn’t want to crush the guy, she says that she slept with Nathan.  In reality, they’ve never gotten past second base.  Nathan can’t figure out for the life of him how “cheating” is a lot less painful than just being honest and telling the guy he’s boring.


Although, their kissing might constitute as cheating, it really isn’t to them.  Making-out just became a part of them and their relationship.  They’ve known each other since they were six and kissing just came as part of their way of comforting each other.  They both learned a long time ago, that their the only ones they can really trust each other and confide that they can be each other’s comfort when the world turns their back on them.  If one of them was having a bad day, either they would talk about the problem or make-out.  More make-out on Nathan’s part because Haley’s kisses are addicting.  But either way it works for them.  Nathan can’t explain it, but they have this special bond only they know about.


Nathan remembers how it all started too.  It was like yesterday.  They were twelve, and things started getting bad for Nathan and his dad.  His dad was training Nathan hard to be this basketball extraordinaire.  It was one particular day where the sky was gloomy and Nathan knew it was gonna rain any minute.  But his father didn’t care and continued to yell at Nathan for being too slow when he was hitting every one of his shots.  Nathan had been doing this for three hours straight with only a two-minute that in reality, only lasted thirty seconds.  Nathan felt his scrawny muscles started to turn jelly and he missed a shot.  His father was outraged and came towering over Nathan, tearing him into shreds with his vicious words.  A tear fell down Nathan’s cheek.  Unfortunately, his father saw.


Nathan remembers looking up at his father and saw his blue eyes turn ice cold.  Nathan knew he had to stop crying and immediately stopped, but it was too late.  His father roughly grabbed him by the arm and took him inside where he flung Nathan into the wall.  Smack after smack, Nathan’s father beat him while yelling that men don’t cry or champions.  It seemed like forever, but in reality it was a few minutes, Nathan’s father stormed out of the house, leaving Nathan in his fetal position.  Nathan waited a few more minutes to make sure his father was really gone.


Nathan walked the four blocks in the pouring rain to Haley’s house.  He didn’t feel like explaining the bruises that were forming on his face to Haley’s parents so he went straight to their trellis to climb up to Haley’s window.  He knocked on the window and saw Haley jump in surprise to find him there.  Nathan watched Haley stride to the window, ready to cuss him out but one look into his eyes, Haley knew what happened and ushered him inside.  Without a word, Haley moved him into her bed and under her covers, with her quickly following on the other side.  Nathan tried to say something but she shushed him and settled into his side, resting her head on his chest.  She didn’t care that she was getting wet or that Nathan was wetting her sheets, she just let Nathan hold her for only God knows how long.


After a while, Nathan started to feel warm.  He wasn’t for sure if it was Haley’s blankets or his hormones.  He was after all, a twelve-year-old boy.  Girls were no longer icky, they were beautiful.  Nathan tried to say something, but again, Haley hushed him, only with her lips.  It was their first kiss, but something was there.  It was more than just a kiss.  It was like a silent pledge to each other:  they were gonna be each other’s comfort.


After that night, nothing really changed between him and Haley except the kissing.  They were so close, people kept asking if they were together and they would just simply respond that they were best friends.  Nathan knew, and so did Haley, that the kissing would confuse people, so they never told anybody.  Kissing just came apart of them.


They never had any problem with the other dating.  In fact, Nathan was always happy that Haley found someone and vice-versa.  Ironically, though, their significant other had a problem with how close they were.  If Nathan needed Haley, Haley would drop everything that moment to be there for Nathan, and if necessarily, make out with him.  Same thing with Haley.  If Haley needed something, Nathan was there within twenty minutes.  Nathan knew right off the bat; women would be threatened by Haley.  That’s why he preferred, for his sake and the drama, casual hook-ups.  Haley, however, loved relationships, even though she settled for less.  Nathan often joked that she should just have one-night-stand.


Nathan couldn’t concentrate on the laundry anymore so he said fuck it.  John’s lame attempt to show some balls just had to be told, so Nathan grabbed his car keys and drove out to Haley’s work.  This so couldn’t wait. 


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TEASER - Comfort

NATHAN: Haley!

Nathan enters their cozy apartment in a foul mood.  Some things just never change and he couldn't believe he fell for the trap.  He needed to calm down.  He needed comfort.  He needed Haley.

HALEY: In here!

Nathan follows her voice to their spare bedroom, which was turned into their office.  Or more like Haley's.  She spends most of her time in there on the computer typing up her papers or studying her ass off.

He enters, and finds Haley sure enough, sitting on the computer chair indian style, typing away on the computer.  For a moment, Nathan pauses and leans against the door frame.  What Haley's doing, is something that's routinely normal, but he still catches her beauty.  She's wearing her usual jeans and a green tee, that just seems to bring out her tan.  He appreciates the site, especially her red thong, but suddenly is taken back to normal when Haley swivels around in the computer chair.  She's wearing her glasses that only he gets to see, because he lives here.  Nathan's heart skips a beat.  He always found Haley more attractive with her little cute glasses that made her look like a hot reporter that was all about business during the day, but all about pleasure during the night.

HALEY: Hey, how'd it go?

Nathan swallows and remembers why he's been summoning her since he got in.  He blinks his eyes a little bit, processing her question then after a few awkward beats on his part, he answers in a scoff.  Nathan can't leave the bitter taste out of his mouth as he pushes himself off the door frame.

NATHAN: What do you think?

He watches as Haley cringes and bites her bottom lip.  He can't help but sigh.  Half resignation, half turn-on by her cute little quirks.

NATHAN: Same as usual. 'You suck.  You'll never be in the pros if you don't start conditioning like you're supposed to.'  You know, I don't even know why I agree to these dinners anyway.

She rolls her eyes and undos her legs.  It was time to be the supportive one, even though her lectures were starting to sound redundant.  Even to Haley herself.  But you gotta do, what you gotta do.

HALEY: Your dad will always be an ass, Nathan.  Just don't let him get to you.

NATHAN: Easy for you to say.

Haley picks up on his bitter tone and decides that it's time to get up and comfort him.  True enough, her father wasn't an ass, but she knows what Nathan goes through.  It was a miracle to her that Nathan never committed suicide or committed murder for living with Dan Scott, Nathan's father, let alone put up with him.  Hell, she grew up with Nathan and even she has a hard time keeping things civil with Mr. Scott.  Haley, who she prides herself in being a lover, not a fighter, couldn't even tolerate Dan Scott for more than thirty seconds.  It probably has to do with the way he treats Nathan.

Silently, Haley gets up and gives Nathan a sympathetic look before grabbing him into a bear hug.  She hears him laugh, and Haley's glad her attempt worked.  There was nothing more funny to Nathan than Haley, in her petite frame, try to squeeze him, in his muscular frame, to death.  Haley smiles to herself when Nathan breathes in her scent and applies more pressure in the hug, counteracting Haley's feeble attempt.  She holds on for a few more seconds and then looks up at Nathan, making eye contact.

HALEY: Look, I know it's easier for me to say that, because I don't go through it.  But what he thinks doesn't matter.  Just know that I know you're good, you know you're good.  Hell, even UCLA knows you're good.  You're Nathan Scott, UCLA Bruins' star player and number one draft pick for the NBA.  You're 22 and a senior and you're just at the beginning of your career.  Your father tore his ACL his freshman year of college.  He's bitter and jealous and has been trying to live his dream through you, which you stopped in high school.  You play for fun not because it's your life.  You're better than him, Nathan.  And next time he tries to tear you down, just block him out and tell yourself: I am Nathan Scott.  I am the star of UCLA Bruins and the number one draft pick for the NBA.  I am better than my father... cuz Haley said so.

Nathan lets out a hard-core chuckle and Haley joins in the laughter.  See, this is why Nathan could trust Haley.  No matter what, through thick and thin, she can cheer him up and be his comfort.  She always made a bad situation good, and for that, Nathan truly cherished her.  He sighs and looks into Haley's eyes and she nods.  She knows he's silently thanking her.  Haley leans back into his chest so she can feel his heartbeat, then stands on her tippy-toes to whisper in his ear.

HALEY: You might not be the greatest in your father's eyes, but you are in mine.  And that's all that matters.

She gets down and holds Nathan's eye contact.  Haley sees the fire in sappphire eyes go away and she knows that she accomplished his need: His need to be comforted.  She smiles her cute little smile and soon enough, Nathan's smiling too.  The smile only Haley is allowed to see. 

NATHAN: Thanks, Hales.  I don't know what I'd do without you.

She grins at their old saying.

HALEY: Neither would I.

The moment is there.  They can both feel it.  It's just that feeling that feels sooo right, like it's the perfect time.  And like a moth attracted to a flame, they both move towards each other, but it's Haley's lips that crash into his first and she takes pride in the fact she was the one to make the first move this time.  There was no pecking.  As soon as the pressure was there, their faces quickly went to another angle, their noses brushing up against each other.  Haley hears Nathan slightly moan as his tongue asks for access and is granted.  And it doesn't make any matters better when her hands are playing with the short hairs on the back of his neck.

Nathan feels like going caveman on her and roughly grabbing her hips to lift against him.  But he doesn't knowing the kiss would stop and Haley would promptly kick his ass.  Instead, he gently grabs her hips and guides her to the desk, where he bends her back, so she's vertical against it.  He's following her movements and badly/desperately wants to climb on top of her and ravish her neck.  But he knows he can't.

Hickies are a no-no, especially when the girl in question likes to keep her sex life private and hates being put on the spotlight for a little "bump-n-grind".  Haley likes to look innocent.

Air becomes an issue and they're forced to let go in the passionate embrace they're in.  She started it, so Haley finishes it by breaking the kiss.  She has a huge grin on her face and she's panting slightly.  She notices that Nathan is the same state as she is and looks into his eyes.  His eyes are dangerous for her.  His blue orbs have darkened into the pacific ocean blue and Haley can tell that he's sexually frustrated.  But never in a million years would Nathan say anything about it.  That's what she loves about him.  Nathan is always a gentleman.

Looking into his eyes, Haley feels her knees go weak.  She knows his eyes should be her enemy, because one look, and insanity ensues.  Haley would do just about anything, when she looked into his eyes.  And even though she knows, knows, it's not good for her health to stare into that boy's eyes, she can't stop.  Haley decided a long time ago that she was prone to them.

After a couple of minutes of deep-staring, Haley coughs and discreetly asks with her eyes that Nathan get off her.  She knows on impulse that she should try to straighten up her wrinkled tee, but doesn't bother because the little make-out session was nothing to be ashamed about for her.  If anything, it was a daily routine.  She clears her throat but doesn't say anything.  She lets Nathan visibily calm himself as she walks past him to get back on the computer.

When she stops hearing Nathan's deep breaths, Haley feels safe that he's calmed himself down and is now capable for a conversation.  And in true Haley fashion, she goes with her sarcastic deadpan.

HALEY: Feel better?

Nathan smirks.  He knew there was a reason why he befriended her when they were six.

He leans against the desk that he had Haley laying a top of moments before.  Gone was his foul mood, and back with a full blast was his amusement.

NATHAN: As always.  So, did you break up with him yet?

HALEY: Uh, no, but I'm going to break up with him today when we go to dinner.  I just need a good excuse.

Nathan sees Haley half-heartedly shrug her shoulders.  He knows she hopes that he didn't pick up on her stutter, but he did.  His smirk grows wider as Nathan can tell he's gonna enjoy this.  He adjusts his position to where he's now sitting on top of the desk, waving his legs.

Oh, yes.  He was throughly going to enjoy this.

NATHAN: Why?  Why don't you just use the same excuse you use all the time?

HALEY: Because, it's getting old.  I used it with Sean, Alex, Travis, and Ray.  I would like to think I could come up with a good excuse than the same one I use.

NATHAN: Then how about the truth?

HALEY: Are you kidding me?  That would crush the guy!  I can't be that evil.

NATHAN: And using the same excuse is not?

Haley swivels hard to give him a glare.  If it was a normal guy, he would probably cringe and run off to his mommy.  But Nathan grew up with Haley.  He was used to her glare.  He shrugs, being immune to it.

NATHAN: What!  I'm just saying.  You, for some reason, has this charm to reel these losers in and have them hooked.  If you're not gonna use the truth, you might as well use the same excuse you use.

HALEY: No.  I refuse.  And John is not a loser.  He's sweet and all, but just...

Nathan smirks.

NATHAN: Boring?

Again, the glare.  Nathan shrugs indifferently.

HALEY: Stop mocking me.  You know, I can think of an excuse.

Nathan can tell he kinda hits a nerve with how quick her response came.  He noticed the sign.  Haley was getting defensive and when she does, she tends to go stone cold like Nathan does frequently.  Nathan can pull it off like a charm, but it's weird seeing Haley do it.  She wasn't cynical and ironically, the only guy to make her like this, was the guy who does it 24/7.  Nathan sees the pout and wants to kiss it off her.

Before he can even get to his feet to do his thoughts, he sees Haley look at her watch and curse.  It only meant one thing.  She was running late to meet with her boyfriend, soon-to-be ex, John.  In reality, Nathan felt sorry for the dude.  Oh, well.  No guy could really keep up with his Haley.  The only guy who can even remotely keep the same pace as she, was him.  He stands and grabs Haley's shoulders before she bolt and looks into her eyes.

Haley cursed herself for looking up.  She can see the sincerity in Nathan's eyes and instantly can tell he's apologizing.  If anything, it made her want to continue the make-out session.  He never really hurt her feelings, and she knew he was amused about the situation than anything.  Hell, if it wasn't happening to her, she'd be rolling on the floor laughing her ass off.  But, unfortunately, it was.  Haley flashes her smile for him to let him know she's not really upset.

HALEY: Wish me luck.  I gotta go change quickly then leave.

She squeezes his arm and pecks him.  Ah, hell.  She couldn't resist.

NATHAN: Good luck.  You'll need it.

Haley picks up on his teasing tone and slaps his arm in retort.  She huffs and turns to leave, running to her room to begin the heart-break of the night.

NATHAN: Love you!

Nathan laughs and smiles to himself when she replies that she's loves herself too.  Only Haley.

~~~~~~~~~~~   2 Hours Later  ~~~~~~~~~~

Nothing was remotely interesting on TV except for this unusal late-night talk show where it was a female comic making fun of celebrities and their under-the-influence decisions.  Vegged out on the couch, Nathan never thought in a million years he'd be watching this show, let alone the E! Channel, but damn, this lady was raunchy.  Nathan found himself laughing out loud when she made fun of Britney Spears in a skit and he made a mental note to have Haley join him in watching Chelsea Lately the next night.  This chick was fucking hilarious.

The door slammed, which alerted Nathan that Haley was home from her date.  Did it really take two hours to dump a guy?  This had to be a new record for Haley.

NATHAN: Hey!  How'd it go?

He hears footsteps and looks up to see Haley resting her head on top of the couch.  Uh-oh.  She's actually upset.  But why?  The dude was a loser!

HALEY: I broke up with him.

NATHAN: Good job.  What excuse did you use?

Haley groans before answering and Nathan knows she's moments away from admitting defeat.

HALEY: The same one as always.  That I slept with you.

Nathan really tried to hold it in.  She was in distress.  But he couldn't.  He gave out a huge rauchous laughter.

HALEY: It's not funny, Nathan!  I'm doomed.

Nathan hears the whining in her voice and he succumbs his laughter.  He does feel bad and he drops his bag of chips on the floor and proceeds to grab Haley.  She complies and climbs over the couch, laying on him.  Haley rests her head on his chest and try as she might, she's enjoying the small circles Nathan is tracing on her bare back.

NATHAN: I'm sorry.  I shouldn't have laughed when you're feeling down, forgive me.  And you're not doomed.  You just haven't found the one you want.  And even though you're having trouble now, don't worry.  That one guy will come.  You just haven't found him yet, but he will come.

Haley turns her head and again she locks eyes with him.  Seriously, just kill her already.

She smiles softly, having her own little Nathan way of saying thank you.  Nathan smiles back and gently removes a piece of hair that gotten in her face.  He feels like kissing her.  But he doesn't, knowing she's in a little of an emotional state.  But damn, can he get lost in those brown orbs.

NATHAN: No problem.  That's what best friends are for.

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